About Us

Serving the cause of customer satisfaction for the last two decades

We are passionate about what it will take our customers to better serve their guests, clients and employees by creating the most meaningful experiences. We understand what skills and behaviors are essential to delivering exceptional customer service and develop engaging strategies to mobilize service initatives, standards and training that will lead to greater customer loyalty, referrals, reviews and profitability.

Our Team


Keshav Prasad

Differential Web Solutions

Keshav or Kesh Prasad has had a long career in hospitality management as teacher, researcher, author, consultant and practitioner. A former Director-Hotel Practice, J.D. Power & Associates, Los Angeles; Manager

Pia Bojanowski

Differential Web Solutions

Pia is a hotel industry consultant and Advisor to Differential Web Solutions, Inc. (DWS). She played a key role in development of DWS’ Quality Management System (QMS) software.

Siddharth Sinha

Hospitality CRM Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Siddharth brings 20 years of senior management expertise as well as software architecture experience. He has led multiple efforts in implementing organisational changes has been involved in multiple startups including Dresma.

Atul Mittal

Product Development Lead
Hospitality CRM Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Atul has over 15 years of extensive experience in managing, architecting, designing, developing and implementing critical, distributed, client-server and web based enterprise applications

Our Guiding Principle



We believe that our customers must always be completely satisfied with our products and services


We strive to constantly improve technologically by rethinking the way we and our customers do business


Our vision can only be realized when we ensure our customer’s success and hence our success

We are Here to Deliver

We are passionate about helping our clients provide better service to their customers by providing the most up-do-date and relevant information and tools to improve operations and to exceed both customer and employee expectations.